Siding Replacement & Installation

Not matter what is the problem with your siding:  whether its broken, rotting, or something else, we will fix it and make your house look fresh and new again.  

Modern Times

Nowadays, all those problems have been solved with sophisticated new materials, additives, manufacturing techniques, and installation methods. Siding can be made from permanently colored metals, real wood, different plastics, and composite/synthetic materials that will last for decades, maintenance free. It sounds like a repeat for the promises of aluminum siding, and then vinyl siding, but this time it is true! Using technology that didn't exist back then, manufacturers can now artificially age their products under intense conditions such as storms, UV light, high winds, heat, cold, and everything you can imagine. The government has also stepped in with various agencies that make sure what the manufacturers say is true. Modern siding products will make your home (metaphorically) bulletproof to all the incursions of nature. It provides significant resistance to the transfer of energy in or out of your living space, too. It helps your cool A/C stays inside in the summer, and resists letting your expensive warmth leak out in the winter. You can even get a break on your insurance rates in (for example) fire-prone areas if you have steel or metal siding of one type or another. Many homes in such areas now sport steel roofs and steel siding so that a drifting ember doesn't casually set them ablaze!


Of course, if you are contemplating selling your home, there is nothing like fresh siding to enhance the curb appeal and raise the asking price. Studies have shown that the best things you can do for the exterior of your home before selling are to do the gardening, so it looks "cared for"; replace or clean up the front door, if it's shabby; and, most importantly, get rid of all those dents and the damage in the siding from where the kids always lean their bicycles, where the car door always strikes the wall, and where your little fishing boat leans between trips to the pond. If there is cracking because of age, it needs to be replaced. If the color is faded and shabby, it needs to be replaced. And if it is actual aluminum siding dating back to the middle of the last century, it needs to be replaced.

The Takeaway

If your house is looking dated, scuffed up, and not as attractive as when you moved in, you can revitalize it, making it more like the place you first fell in love with. As a bonus, it will help you save money on your heating and cooling bills. If it's time to move on to a new place because you need more bedrooms or a bigger garage, the entire job can be done very quickly and inexpensively so as not to delay your listing. It will add thousands and thousands of dollars to your final selling price when the buyers see your fabulous looking home. One of our consultants would be more than happy to discuss your options with you. Whether you like good solid metal, wood, or the beautiful array of durable modern synthetics, we can help you make your home look its best. Click here to use our free online quotation form or give us a call at 832-216-1586 and say "howdy" because we'd love to hear from you. Our experts will be pleased to help you make fantastic choices!