Interior painting - living room

What makes a good interior painter?

A good Interior Painting

A good interior painter has to be someone with experience, someone who knows what he is doing. The first task when a good painter enters a room that is going to be painted is to put in the center all furniture, ornaments, blinds, etcetera that are in the room and need to be protected so they won’t get any dust or paint.

Cover with Plastic

After everything is in the center of the room it has to be covered with plastic and checked that the plastic borders are secure and won’t lift while the painting is being done.

Next all the floors have to be cover with good quality drop cloths to avoid any paint on the floors.

Interior painting - cover plastic

If a patch has to be sanded it is always good to make plastic’s wall around the area where the sanding is going to be done. This is in order to keep the dust inside that area. If not, this compound’s dust will go throughout most of the rooms of the house.  After finishing with all the sanding, all the needs to be vacuumed with a professional shop vacuum.

Fix all gaps and imperfections

All cracks, gaps or imperfections have to be fixed before painting using compound, spackling or caulking according to the case.

Then, after cleaning the upper edge of the baseboards with a clean rag we are ready to start painting.

Interior painting - fix gaps imperfections

It is important to use good quality brushes and rollers. Good brushes make easier to paint strait lines on the edges; good rollers help the paint to extend evenly on the surfaces without leaving marks.

Sand the surfaces

Before painting any wood (doors, baseboards, window sills, etc.) it is always important to sand the surfaces. Once all the sanding is finished, it is very important to clean all dust completely. If not, the wood painted will feel like sand paper at the touch.

interior painting - sand the surface

All this sanding of the wood, will help the paint to adhere correctly to the surfaces and the final result will look much better.