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Cabinet Painter to Modernize Your Kitchen

Priceless Painting makes homeowners’ dreams of beautiful, convenient kitchens come true. Sometimes all a kitchen needs is a fresh, clean look to seem transformed. If you like your current cabinets but want to change the color, or want to cover wear and tear, painting might be right for you. Here’s how Priceless Painting team works.

Cabinet Painter

Priceless painting team has the tools, time, and know-how to accomplish more than simply covering up your cabinets; we transform cabinets with paint.

How Priceless Painting Paint My Cabinets?

First, we remove all your cabinet doors and drawers and whisk them away. We take them off-site to save you mess. We clean away built-up grime and residue and fix minor dings or defects. Then we prime and paint them. Back at your house, we clean, prep and paint the cabinet boxes. We bring back your freshly painted doors and drawers and install them, adding new hinges if needed. As a finishing touch, we can add new handles and knobs for a polished, modern look. Your cabinets will look new after this affordable, easy transformation. The whole process takes about a week.

Is Painting My Best Option?

Painting is just one of the expert services Priceless painting offers. How do you know which service to choose? Ask yourself:

Are my cabinets in good condition? This is always question the No. 1, no matter what type of kitchen cabinet service you choose! Sturdy frames are essential to any upgrade that uses the existing cabinet boxes, whether you plan to add new doors or paint the doors you already have. We can help you assess whether your cabinets are good candidates for painting.

Do I like the style and placement of my current cabinets? If you want to keep your kitchen’s familiar layout, you don’t necessarily need new cabinets. If your cabinets’ style is still appealing and you just want a change of color, painting is a good option.

What’s the material? The most common cabinet that homeowners want painted is oak. Be aware: The heavy wood grain of oak and some other types of wood can be challenging to cover completely. Are you OK with that? If not, consider other options like refacing or redooring your kitchen cabinets.

How long do I need this upgrade to last? Painting does a great job of perking up your whole kitchen’s appearance! But we’ll be frank. Kitchen cabinets are in constant, daily use, increasing the probability that paint will show nicks and scratches over time. A kitchen cabinet paint job is a solution that lasts about two to five years.

What is my goal for this cabinet upgrade? Maybe you’re already planning a bigger update to your kitchen but aren’t quite ready for the disruption or the cost. Painting is a good choice to tide you over if you want a quick, inexpensive improvement before you take on a full remodel or refacing. Painting kitchen cabinets is also an inexpensive option if you plan to sell your house and want to make the kitchen more attractive for prospective buyers. You might not want to invest in remodeling dinged or outdated cabinets, so painting might be your best choice.

Cabinet Painters

Isn’t Painting a DIY Job?

Painting kitchen cabinets sounds like a simple project! Anyone can handle a brush, right? But we all know how do-it-yourself projects can gobble up more time and expense than we anticipated. When Priceless painting paints your cabinets, you get these advantages:

  1. You don’t have to figure out the right paint for the job or spend time and money shopping for paint and tools.
  2. There’s minimal mess. We prime and paint your cabinet doors and drawers off-site. You won’t have any half-painted or wet doors sitting around your kitchen! We also clean up when we leave each day, so your kitchen is as usable as possible while the work’s going on.
  3. The job is finished in about a week.


Luis and his team did an amazing job. They were detail oriented, took care of everything and showed up when they said they would. No island time with these guys!

Mark and Alice S.

Description of work: Painting exterior and interior

Galveston, January, 2022

Few weeks ago we had Luis of Priceless Painting do 5 of our rooms. We were very pleased with the outcome. His workers are very pleasant and are always on time

David P.

Description of work: interior painting

February, 2022

Great work every time! They´ve painted many rooms (kitchen, bathroom, living, bedroom, laundry) on several visits over the past couple of years.

Andrew N.

Description of work:  interior painting

February, 2022